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Sludge Scraping And Sucking Machine manufacturers
If you are willing to buy WQG series sedimentation tank full bridge peripheral driving scraping mud machine periphery-drive sludge scraper manufacturers and suppliers in China. WOMA Environmental Protection Equipment is always at your service. Welcome to import full bridge peripheral driving scraping mud machine from our factory. we also offer you the customized service.
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:WOMA
Model Number:WQG
Name:Sedimentation Tank Full Bridge Peripheral Driving Scraping Mud Machine
Color:Any color
Peripheral line velocity:2-3m/min
Pool size(D):10-55m
Pool size(H):3.0-4.5m
Method: Physical Treatment
Material: Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
Application: Sedimentation Tank
Transport Package: Seaworthy
Usage: Industrial
Specification: ISO9001
WQG Series Sedimentation Tank Full Bridge Peripheral Driving Scraping Mud Machine Periphery-drive Sludge Scraper Suppliers
Model representation
Technical parameter table
ModelTank   diameter D(m)Tank   diameter H(m)peripheral   linear velocity(m/min)driving   power(kw)
1.Bottom scraping mud, skimming the water. Drive shaft mounted geared motor and driving roller direct drive, compact structure, high mechanical efficiency;
2.Parallel misalignment clay tablets, good continuity, high mud collecting efficiency; Stainless steel clay as scraping mud at the bottom of the rubber plate, to guarantee the scraping mud completely clean, there will be no floating mud phenomenon occurred;
3.Bottom slope than 1:10, scraping mud when sludge resistance can be ignored; Special hinge structure, overload ability;
4.Girder to choose square steel production, the structure strength, use galvanized after spray paint process, strong anticorrosion performance
5.The operation is simple, and can realize the remote control.
Operating principle
The full-bridge periphery-drive sludge scraper consists of the working bridge, hanging arm and sludge scraping board, center support, driving mechanism, central current collecting equipment, system control cabinet and other components, with optional accessories such as effluent weir, steady flow cylinder, sludge trap and scum scraping board.
Driven by the mechanism mounted peripherally, the working bridge rotates around the center support fixed on the buttress in the tank center. The hanging arm below the working bridge drives the scraping board to rotate, collecting sludge settled at the tank bottom into the central catch pit. Suspended sludge on the surface is gathered in the convergent area formed by scum scraping board and peripheral sludge traps, scraped by the scum scraping board into the sludge hopper, and then discharged out of the tank.
The air floatation method for water treatment is a process where highly dispersed micro bubbles are formed in the water, to which hydrophobic solid or liquid particles in waste water are adhered to form water-gas-particle three-phase mixed system; after the particles are adhered to bubbles, flocs with apparent density lower than water are formed and floating up to the water surface; the suspended sludge so formed is scraped to realize solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation.
We look forward to cooperating with partners from all the world to build win-win cooperation relationship in long term. If you are interested in our products,please contact us!
WOMA(wuxi) environmental protection equipment Co.,Ltd.
Address:Xishan district Wuxi City Jiangsu Province Tin Beizhen Union Village Industrial Park
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.air-floatation.comSludge Scraping And Sucking Machine manufacturers
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